Rekha Rana participates in a global Passthebrushchallenge and it’s a super hit.

As lockdown continues everyone is looking for ways to keep themselves entertained and engaged in something or the other.
Since the lockdown has began all the actors have turned to social media to keep themselves busy and participate in various global challenges that are trending on different platforms. One such challenge is #Passthebrushchallenge which is trending currently on TikTok and Instagram. 

Actress Rekha Rana recently was  the part of the #Passthebrushchallenge which had members from across 7 continents and its a total hit. It has already crossed more than 1 lakh views on instagram in just 24hours and it’s the highest views for anyone in such a short period of time and it’s still trending and people loving it.  The challenge which also had a very amazing theme, all the participants were dressed  representing their cultural  heritage and the video even included songs from all the 7 continents. Rekha Rana represented Asia/ India beautifully and looked stunning in that challenge. 

Pass the Brush Challenge squad included actors and models from the 7 continents, Rekha Rana from Asia/ India. Nicole Roachel from Antarctica, Basma Ismail  from North America / USA, Ruth Nkweti from Africa/ Cameroon, Anesha Joganah from Europe/Hungary, Simram Gulati from Australia, Rafa Calheiros from South America / Brazil. 

"I really wanted to do this challenge and I thought why not  do this challenge but in a unique way so I told my friends from all over world to take part in this challenge and represent their culture. We made sure we all wore clothes that would represent our culture, so I wore a Lehenga as well" and working on this challenge with all my amazing girlfriends was so much fun, Explained Rekha Rana.

 "My main motive behind this was to brush off Covid-19 from all the 7 continents. Therefore I thought of creating this challenge with a small theme and a message into it. Inorder to make his video more  unique we have even included 7 different songs from every continent to represent their culture" Concluded the Actress.

The Passthebrushchallenge is still trending and people loving this one.

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