Positivity and only Positivity we have to spread now


As the world comes together to fight against the corona virus, Lions Club Delhi Veg & Rajasthani Academy come forward to appreciate and support initiatives and response strategy of the Government of India. The way the government has taken control of the virus so far is significant by the fewer numbers of cases relative to a large population. This is all possible only with the cooperation of the people. People need to practice social distancing not only for the safety of the entire nation but for safety of themselves and their loved ones.
Lion Gaurav Gupta charter President Lions Club Delhi Veg & President Rajasthani Academy appeals to all to stay home, be positive and share only positive thoughts and messages.
We understand that social distancing in a country like India is not merely a responsibility but a luxury for a few while the majority of the population merely thrives to survive. For many it is a tough choice between prevention of virus and survival of family.
Lions Club Delhi Veg & Rajasthani Academy have together come forward to try and ease the sufferings and challenges faced by such people who have limited or no resources to survive this inevitable lockdown. An initiative called ‘Each  One Help One’ has been launched to urge people to support those in need. With the support of organisation’s funds, members and various contributors 2000+ meals are prepared daily in Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi managed by Sh. Ashok Kothari and distributed to various Shelter homes and groups of homeless people. It is a small initiative to make this easier for the homeless families to feed themselves and make this lockdown successful at large.
Various members of the club and academy have come forward to extend their support. Sh. Navratan Aggarwal (Bikanervala) and Sh. Jagdish Aggarwal (Bengali Sweets) are also providing meals on daily basis to thousands of those in need.  Lion Aruna Oswal has also contributed for the meals and a sum of Rs. 51 lacs for the PM-Cares fund. Sh S K Gupta (Elite Vaish Parivaar) is distributing medical aid and equipments to the police forces. They are among many members who have stepped up to support this fight against corona virus.
We also appeal all the people of India to follow Lockdown guidelines by the government for the welfare of oneself and society and welcomes all kinds of support and urges people to empathise with those in need.

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