Varadraj Swami discovers Vivaan Shahs antique value!!


 A chip off the old block, Vivaan Shah is once again breaking all moulds when he dares to don dirt and play a scrap dealer in Varadraj Swami|s Kabaad-The coin, Varadraj who has earlier penned the critically acclaimed Manjhi The Mountain Man  this time, breathes life into a beautiful film on a young scrap dealer whose life turns turtle when he finds a stash of antique gold coins. 

Kabaad - The coin traces his trials and tribulations and goes on to highlight how  even whilst dealing with an adulterated world, he doesn|t  the dirt  enter his heart of gold.  
Varadraj Swami|s Kabaad -The Coin is written by Shahzad Ahmed and Varadraj Swami produced by Meena Negi, Babban Negi and Co-Produced by Deepak Prajapat. 
"We have an unexposed and unique story for the audiences," avers director Varadraj Swami.
" The film deals with human psychology and how greed is swiftly taking over value-based relationships, while the garbage and waste is slowly spreading its toxic wings globally."
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