They say, you dont take a shot (in films) make a shot”-  Director Varadraj Swami   gears up for his next directorial "Kabaad- The Coin"


Kabaad- The Coin is the result of Varadraj Swami  long and interesting journey of exploring various departments in the industry while being behind the camera. 

As a filmmaker who is full of ideas, Varadraj Swami aims to venture into unexplored realms of film making by experimenting with new themes and subjects. 
He envisions delving in to  revolutionary and untrammelled areas and thus be able to discover his inner self using the limitless possibilities and scope of cinema    
Varadraj Swami, who has penned the critically acclaimed film Manjhi the mountain, is constantly involved in developing new revolutionary experimental thoughts and unique ideas to present Indian films in International frame "As a director we make films for two reasons- when we want to say something to the world and when we want to entertain people. I want to do both and my film Kabaad- The Coin satisfies both for me"
Varadraj calls himself a story teller & through directing, he successful salivates his craving to tell a story from his perspective.
The starcast of the film Vivaan Shah, Zoya Afroz and written by Shahzad Ahmed and Varadraj Swami, produced by Meena Negi, Babban Negi and Co-Produced by Deepak Prajapat.
"KABAAD- THE COIN" is the first film ever made in the historic Ram- Siya Coin. The team of "KABAAD- THE COIN" has explored a subject never featured before in Bollywood. 

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